About Us

Bringing Las Vegas style , concierge, chauffeured service to DFW since 2016. We are local private drivers with access to anything our clients need. We network with other Private Drivers (FULLY LICENSED & INSURED) as well as Limousine Companies, Charter Busses, and even, Clubs, Restaurants, Wedding Planners etc… locally and nationwide.

My name is Michael J. Lindsey. I’ve worked in the service industry in Las Vegas for 29 years. To ensure my customers call me back year after year, I have learned to deliver personalized service to each individual client. Everyone in my car is a VIP. But I can’t drive everyone, at all times. So, I put together a team of chauffeurs like myself, (if not better) to help maintain the highest level of service my clients have come to expect.

  What makes Mike’s Transportation so Epic?


Most travelers know of only 2 options. RideShare  or Limousine Companies (BLACK CAR)

PROS: It can be quick,
CONS: Not much else. Who knows what’s going to show up? You may not want your daughter picked up by a stranger after her 21st
Birthday party or have a random car swoop you away after your Wedding.

PROS: Clean, Reliable, Safe
CONS: Booking 24 hours in advance. High cost. Paying for the back end of a large company and getting a different driver each time. Although a
professional, the driver is the lowest paid employee working primarily for tips.

All PROS and no CONS!
Having a personal private driver allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

At EMT, we distinguish ourselves from large corporations by hand-selecting experienced and professional independent drivers from throughout the metropolitan area to join our team. Our drivers are owner-operators who hold the necessary licenses and insurance to provide reliable transportation services. With years of experience and a reputation for exceptional professionalism, earned from serving a select group of VIP clients.